Professor Mervyn King, Senior Counsel and former Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, delivered the keynote speech at the launch of the new Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility, held in the University's Rose Bowl on Thursday 1 May. Mervyn King is one of the world's foremost authorities on corporate governance and sustainability. Professor King is also: Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council; past chairman and member of the United Nations Steering Committee of eminent persons who reviewed the governance and oversight within the United Nations, its funds, programmes and specialised agencies; member of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the World Bank on Corporate Governance; member of the Advisory Board of the Central European Corporate Governance Association; chairman of the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance; past President of the Commonwealth Association of Corporate Governance (CACG) which published principles of governance for the 54 countries in the Commonwealth.For more information please visit

Judge Mervyn King guest lecture - "Governance and Responsibility"

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